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e_primates's Journal

E-Prime and General Semantics
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E-Prime and General Semantics community, including rational debate on the pros and cons of e-prime, uses and abuses of e-prime, and "E-Prime This!" posts.

DO NOT PICK ON PEOPLE FOR NOT USING E-PRIME IN THEIR POSTS OR COMMENTS. This community does not limit itself to the language of E-Prime, but rather encourages its use and dissemination, including use of:

* Links to works written in E-Prime
* INTRODUCTORY works about E-Prime
* "E-Prime This!" posts, including challenge posts that answer an "E-Prime This!" challenge followed by a new challenge.

"Interests" assigned to this group include some topics discussed in the context of E-Prime to facilitate new applications of E-Prime and General semantics. Some good starting links:

E-Prime (http://www.nobeliefs.com/eprime.htm)
E-Prime online inspector (http://www.manifestation.com/neurotoys/eprime.pl)
E-Prime Wikipedia entry

Nudge me if you have a link I should add here. You may need to nudge me more than once. I also invite you to join me in a personal bond of friendship.